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April 20-21 Show Patterns & Show Info

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Show office will be open beginning Friday, April 19th at 3pm.  Please make entries Friday if possible.  To speed up your time spent in the office, if you could have copies of your current membership card, horse’s papers and coggins/health certificates (out of state), our show secretary will love you!  

WVQHA April 20-21 Patterns rev3

**Please note on trail pattern, walk tot/jog and small fry will jog where it calls for lope in the trail pattern**

**Walk trot horemanship will use Rookie pattern and jog in place of lope (noted on pattern)

**Walk trot equitation will use rookie pattern and trot in place of lope (noted on pattern)

Find For Your AQHA Level

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2019 WVQHA Show Dates

Posted on March 17, 2019 in
Show Date Judges Priority Date 2020 Priority Date 2021
April 20-21, 2019              4 Judges Rick Christy 4/18/20-4/19/20 4/17/21-4/18/21
WVJQHA Show Jonathan Meilleur    
  Tony Burris    
  Debbie Kail    
April 27-28, 2019            2 Judges John Tuckey 4/25/20-4/26/20 4/24/21-4/25/21
Ride Like Clint Circuit Dawn Kreakie    
May 25-26, 2019            4 Judges Tracy Willis 5/23/20-5/24/20 5/22/21-5/23/21
Wymer Classic Circuit Sandra Curl    
  Tanya Green    
  Dolly Chayer    
June 14,2019        Single Judge Jessica Daniels 6/12/2020 6/11/2021
All Novice Extravaganza      
June 15-16, 2019         2 Judges Clark Scoggin 6/13/20-6/14/20 6/12/21-6/13/21
Amateur Extravaganza Mike Hay    
July 4-5, 2019            2 Judges Mark Sheridan 7/2/20-7/3/20 7/1/21-7/2/21
Stars and Stripes Circuit Brad Gibby    
July 6-7, 2019          2 Judges Gayle Lampinen 7/4/20-7/5/20 7/3/21-7/4/21
Stars and Stripes Circuit Pam Scott    
July 25-26, 2019         2 Judges Brad Kearns 7/23/20-7/24/20 7/22/21-7/23/21
Mountaineer Classic Circuit Gretchen Mathes    
July 27-28, 2019          4 Judges Liz Baker 7/25/20-7/26/20 7/24/21-7/25/21
Mountaineer Classic Circuit Chris Thompson    
  Scott Neuman    
  Kendra Weis    
September 21-22, 2019      3 Judges Mike Hoeppner 9/19/20-9/20/20 9/18/21-9/19/21
Mt State & Breeders Futurity Eric Peterson    
  Melissa Sexton    



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New Exhibitors, we know showing AQHA for the first time may be overwhelming!  Please bring the following items with your for a smooth process in the office.  Our office help will thank you!

AQHA Membership Card

AQHA Registration Papers

 Veterinary Health Certificate-Out of State Horses

Coggins Test Paper

AQHA Leveling Documents

Personal Check or Cash for weekend

WVQHA Queen Contest

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2019 WVQHA Code of Ethics 2019 WVQHA Queen Application 2019 WVQHA Queens Rules

All horses entering the show grounds from out-of-state MUST have a current Coggins test and Health Certificate, whether the horse is being shown or not. This is strictly enforced by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. Failure to provide proper paperwork will be adequate grounds to dismiss horse(s) from grounds. To be current, Health Certificate must be dated within 30 days.

Winfield Riding Club

Winfield Riding Club
5449 St Rt 34
Winfield, WV 25213
Get directions

For Stall Reservations, please contact Janie Wymer
Phone: 304-586-4247
Fax: 304-586-4829


  • 20 Acres for the Show Horse and Exhibitor
  • 1-Indoor Arena – 160’ X 100’
  • 2-Covered Arenas – 120’ X 250’ & 100’ X 220’
  • Permanent Restrooms & Shower Facilities
  • 100 Electric Hookups
  • 239 Permanent Stalls (new 21 stall barn added in 2011)
  • Easy Access to & from I-64
  • Strategically located at the intersection of St Rt 34 & 817 (formerly US 35)
  • Hotels & Restaurants located within 5 miles
  • Concession Stand/Restaurant located on Grounds
  • Free Sawdust is provided for every show